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Dr. rer. nat. Volker Krainbring

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our MyNail product series. Answers from Dr. Krainbring.

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What else can I do against nail fungus and Athletes Foot?

What else can I do against nail fungus and Athletes Foot?

As the fungal spores spread in socks and tights as well as settle in shoes, footwear should be changed daily and socks and stockings washed at 60 -65 0 C as spores survive temperatures below 60 0 C. When washing at temperatures below 60 0 C a washing detergent with disinfectant should be used.

The inside of your shoes must be disinfected 1-2 x weekly, preferably evenings or overnight so the disinfectant has time to work. Do not use alcohol on leather shoes as this makes leather crack.

How can I protect myself from an infection in the sauna or swimming pool?

Don’t use the disinfectants in showers at pools and saunas as they tend to destroy the protective acidic barrier of the skin and so create a perfect environment for fungus infections.

For optimal protection after showering spray NCP BeautyFeet Footspray all over your feet and nails covering the complete area.

I regularly have my feet treated. After my nails and feet have been filed they are then disinfected with a disinfectant solution. Is this the right thing?

Next time take your NCP MyNail and NCP BeautyFeet with you and ask your pedicurist/chiropodist to apply NCP MyNail to your toenails after filing and NCP BeautyFeet to your feet after the treatment. Using these products will promote a healthy acid mantle which will protect you from fungal infections

Always remember that disinfectant solutions destroy the protective acid mantle.

I have nail fungus and want to wear open sandals in summer. Can I wear nail polish while also continuing my nail treatment at the same time?

All three NCP NewCare products are based in a micro-emulsion. The micro-emulsion not only penetrates the keratin tissue, but also nail polish. Some nail polishes do peel after using the micro-emulsion. When this happens, smooth NCP MyNail over the nail, then spray NCP BeautyFeet and leave for 15-20 minutes until absorbed. Then you can apply a new coat of nail polish without any problems. The same applies to NCP BeautyNail.

One more tip:

Never varnish nails completely. Leave a tiny space between the polish and nail bed. It looks nice and when on holiday you can continue the treatment with nail polish without any problems. As it is not necessary to file nails apply one drop NCP MyNail in the evening and then in the morning one drop of NCP BeautyNail on the nail polish-free strip of the nail. To complete your foot care ritual rub your feet with NCP BeautyFeet. The emulsion sinks deep into the nails and works effectively without affecting the nail varnish.

Is it better to file or cut my nails?

When suffering from a fungal infection nails should always be cut. The only exception is when the nail has thickened and you are having the first treatment at a pedicurist or chiropodist. Filing produces a fine powder that helps spread the spores. Toenails should always be cut straight across to prevent ingrown toenails.

I do a lot of sport and dry my feet with a hair dryer after showering. Is this necessary? As there are usually no more than one or two hairdryers in the changing rooms, this takes up a lot of time.

Using a hair dryer is unnecessary. After showering thoroughly dry your feet and spray them all over with NCP BeautyFeet. This way you protect your feet leaving them smelling fresh and clean.

The refreshing sage scent is very pleasant in the changing room – like an extra sauna infusion.

I suffer from brittle nails and have ridging. What can I do about this?

Brittle nails which are often ridged are often linked to a vitamin H (biotin) and/or calcium deficiency.

Apply NCP BeautyNail twice daily. The BeautyNail micro-emulsion containing biotin and calcium penetrates deeply into the nail root transporting these two active ingredients. Normally tablets (containing 5 mg biotin per tablet) which are ingested orally are recommended for brittle and ridged nails which is then distributed over the entire body. This means in a person weighing 60 kg the biotin concentration in the nail root is 60 times higher when applying BeautyNail directly than when taken in tablet form. Keratin consists of strands of protein that are intertwined by biotin connections. A biotin deficiency means that the strands do not intertwine but tend to lie parallel to each other forming nail ridges. This is why biotin is essential for healthy keratin tissue.

Calcium increases hardness and so reduces brittleness.

A twice daily application of NCP BeautyNail makes the nails durable and lovely again.

For many years I have suffered from Athletes Foot and have even consulted skin specialists about this. Now I have learnt because I have a specific genetic defect, the fungus has become therapy resistant. Is there anything I can do?

It does happen that some genetic defects can lead to an impairment of the protective acid mantle in the skin’s protective barrier. Your skin specialist should test the pH of the skin on your feet. This should only take 30 seconds. I would guess you have a pH count of between 7,3 – 7,6. This means the skin on your feet is more alkaline which offers dermatophytes an ideal environment to flourish.

Furthermore I guess that continual use of fungicides has caused the fungus to develop a resistance to chemical therapies. It is estimated that over 50 % of known dermatophytes have developed such a resistance. However, they cannot develop a resistance to a natural acid mantle with a normal pH. Have your skin specialist measure the pH of your feet and then use NCP BeautyFeet foot spray twice daily. The acid mantle will be restored and the Athletes Foot will disappear.

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