About us

from the left:
Dr. rer. nat. Volker Krainbring,
Martina Krainbring,
Klaus Niemöhlmann,
Susanne Bestmann

Dr. rer. nat. Volker Krainbring (pharmacist), founder and directing manager, research and development

Klaus Niemöhlmann,
founder and Commercial Managing Director

NCP NewCare Products

The company and our philosophy:

NCP NewCare Products was founded by Dr Volker Krainbring and Klaus Niemöhlmann in 2017.
The main focus is the research, new development, production and worldwide distribution of high-quality and innovative products.

Products are created with formulations that are registered and marketed worldwide by NCP NewCare. All products are researched, developed and produced in Germany. Dr. Volker Krainbring is a natural scientist (pharmacist) and has been a practising pharmacist in Quickborn near Hamburg for over 40 years.
With great passion he researches and develops products for skin care, hair care and for toenails and fingernails.

In his developments, Dr. Krainbring draws on many years of experience. Formulations are created that result in high-quality and sophisticated care products.

In this complex and time-consuming development process, he leaves the well-trodden paths and comes up with approaches for preparations that provide completely new, needs-optimised care.

These developments are used and implemented by NCP NewCare Products worldwide and exclusively in their products.

This knowledge is implemented and used by NCP NewCare Products worldwide and exclusively in their products.

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