Frequently asked questions

If I have nail fungus or athlete’s foot, what can I do in addition to using NCP care products?

Fungus are spread via spores which settle in socks and shoes; thus socks should be changed daily and be washed at 60-65 °C. Below 60 ° C the spores survive, thus one should add disinfectant to the laundry (e.g. Sagrotan)

How can I protect myself from infection when going to pool or sauna?

Do not use the spray disinfectants, which are usually available in pools and saunas. These disinfectants destroy the skin’s natural acid barrier and thus the protective barrier against fungal infections.

Use NCP BeautyFeet feet spray after showering, covering the entire feet and nails. This will give you optimal protection.

I regularly see a podologist who after polishing my feet and nails disinfects them. Should this be done?

Take your NCP MyNail and NCP BeautyFeet with you and ask them to be used on your feet and nails after polishing. This recreates the skin’s acid barrier and provides ideal protection against further fungal infection.

Remember that disinfectants destroy the skin’s acid barrier.

I have nail fungus and would like to wear open-toed shoes in summer. Can I apply nail polish while using NCP care products?

All three NCP products are micro emulsion-based. This micro emulsion not only penetrates the nail’s ceratin structure but also the nail polish. Thus, some nail polishes dissolve a bit when in contact with with the micro emulsion. If this is the case, apply NCP MyNail or BeautyNail and NCP Beauty Feet and wait for 15-20 minutes. After this period, you can renew your nail polish without any problems.

Another tip:

Don’t apply nail polish to all of your nail, but leave a little gap at the nail bed. No filing is necessary, simply apply 1 drop each of NCP of MyNail in the morning and NCP BeautyNail in the evening on the area without nail polish. Then massage your feet with NCP BeautyFeet. The emulsion penetrates the nail without damaging the nail polish.

Should I file or cut my nails?

If your nails are affected by fungus, always cut them, except if a podologist treats already thickened nails. Filing produces a fine powder which greatly aids the spread of fungus spores.

Always cut your toe nails in a horizontal lines, this prevents ingrown nails.

I exercise a lot and always blow-dry my feet. Is this necessary? It takes a lot of time since there usually is only one blow dryer in the changing rooms.

Blow-drying is not necessary. Dry your feet after showering and spray them with NCP BeautyFeet. This protects your feet and provides a pleasant smell – for you and the changing rooms, just like in a spa.

I suffer from brittle nails, which also tend to form grooves. What can I do?

Brittle nails with grooves frequently are a sign for a lack of vitamin H (Biotin) and Calcium. The nails’ ceratin consists of interwoven protein strands. Biotin provides the interconnection; if it is lacking, the strands will lose their structure and develop the typical ridges. This is why Biotin is highly important for durable keratin structures. Usually, biotin insufficiency is treated with tablets, which is distributed in the entire body. NCP BeautyNail on the other hand, transports the biotin them directly to the nail matrix, in a much higher concentration. By comparison, a standard dose of oral biotin contains 5 mg, the same as in one drop of BeautyNail – yet with BeautyNail, it is applied right where it is needed.

NCP BeautyNail also contains calcium which reduces nail brittleness and hardens them.

Using NCP Beauty Nail twice a day you will regain your nails stability and beauty.

I’ve been suffering from nail fungus for several years and have seen several dermatologists. I’ve been diagnosed with a genetic defect that makes the infection resistant to treatment. What can I do?

There are genetically caused changes in the skin’s acid barrier. Ask your dermatologist to measure your skin’s PH value, which takes about 30 seconds. I suspect your pH value is about 7,3-7,6, which is slightly acidic but slightly alkaloid. This is a range in which dermatophytes thrive.

Simultaneously, I suspect that your fungal infection has become resistant against chemical antifungals. More than 50 percent of dermatophytes are resistant. Yet there is no resistance against the skin’s natural acid barrier.

Use NCP BeautyFeet feet spray twice daily. It restores the acid barrier and kills the fungus.

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