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Straffe jugendliche Haut – wer hat nicht diesen Wunsch… Früh vorbeugen mit unseren speziellen Pflegeprodukten gegen die Zeichen der Zeit. Wenden Sie unsere innovativen Hautpflegemittel der Micro Power Produktlinie täglich an.

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Innovative, natural prophylaxis to prevent the emergence of nail fungus and athlete’s foot

LEARN MORE ABOUT PEOPLE’S DISEASE Nail fungus and athlete’s foot

Innovative, natürliche Systempflege bei erblich bedingtem Haarausfall. Dermatologisch getestet.

NCP NewCare innovative, kosmetische Produkte zur Pflege bei erblich bedingtem Haarausfall.

NCP NewCare
Innovative cosmetic products
Prevention and care fighting nail fungus and athlete’s feet

  • Ideal prevention
  • ideal care

After intensive research and thirty years of experience pharmacist Dr. rer. nat. Volker Krainbring, NCP New Care developed this series of cosmetic products

  • NCP NewCare MyNail
  • NCP NewCare BeautyFeet
  • NCP NewCare BeautyNail

Using all three products provides an ideal care for feet and nails. Simultaneously they are the ideal prevention of nail fungus and athlete’s feet. Their mechanisms are based on naturally maintaining and restoring the skin’s acid barrier.

Imitating evolution and made effective by the unique micro-emulsion mechanism.

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NCP New Care Products GmBH was founded in Hamburg in 2017.

Our focus is the research, development, production, and retail of premium innovative cosmetic and non-prescription medical skin care products.

Research, development and production are based in Quickborn close to Hamburg.

This first product series of innovative, natural prophylactic care for preventing nail fungus and athlete’s feet are a novelty based on the principles of micro-emulsion.

These products were developed based on longtime experience working with patients and many years of experience on the causes and prevalence of nail fungus and athlete’s feet. All products are “Made in Germany.”

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